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F.E.E.D. officially launched January 1st 2020. F.E.E.D is an acronym "For Everyone Entertainment Directory." We are using a bit of liberty when we say "everyone" as curating entertainment for everyone is impossible. Our goal is to be able to service many but F.M.E.D. doesn't have the same ring to it. Here at F.E.E.D. our goal is to serve as a platform for users to discover great content and quality entertainment unaffected by analytics.

This website's founder was frustrated with the "gatekeepers" of online entertainment, algorithms. As someone who didn't create the type of formulaic comedy that would appeal to young children, our Founder was drowned out by the content that dominated the YouTube, and the Vine discover pages. Hence our founder created this website, run by humans, we've created a platform for ambitious, unique and boundary pushing creatives to be discovered. Our Founder and CEO watched Cardi B when she was just a dancer, before she received clout from Love and Hip Hop and in that spirit, we offer the discoverability of little known creatives, the type of discoverability that vine lost, which quickened its downfall.

F.E.E.D. is English speaking Internet's favourite database for comedic content. Once the site becomes lucrative, we will hire a diverse roster of curators to help us cater to more niche markets and so that we can curate non English content. For now, the founder runs the site with a few friends, and so, we will focus on building on the content that we are personally familiar with. The founder wishes to remain anonymous to preserve the authenticity of they're opinions.

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